In association with Xtracon Chess Open the Danish Chess Problem Club is presenting the open Danish Championship in Chess Puzzle solving. Everyone can participate and win the prizes, but only danish citizens can win the title of Danish Champion.

The competition is held Monday July 24th at 20.00 and the site is LO-skolen, Konventum Helsingør, Gl. Hellebækvej 70, 3000 Helsingør.

The participants has 2 hours to solve 18 "Mate in two" chess puzzles. Each correct answer gives 2 points. 36 points is the maximum score. In case of a tie, the participant who has used the least amount of time gets the advantage.

The prizes sponsored by Xtracon Chess Open are:
1st prize: 500 DKK, 2nd prize: 300 DKK, 3rd prize: 200 DKK.
Furthermore there are a number of chess books prizes sponsored by the Danish Chess Problem Club and Vissings Forlag.

Sign up: Use the entry form below. There is no entry fee. The tournament is limited to a maximum of 25 participants.

The rules will be announced by the tournament arbiter just before the beginning of the competition.

The entry list.

Sign up is closed for DM opgaveløsning


Konventum Helsingør
Gl. Hellebækvej 70
3000 Helsingør

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IO Lars Bech Hansen
+ 45 27 57 63 58

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