Thursday 25 July at 20:00 in the commentary room

Paradoxical chess art 

This spring Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen won the bronze medal in the World Championship of Study Composition. On Thursday 25th of July at 8. pm he will present some of his best chess creations. He will show a position where a knight single-handedly stops four connected passed pawns. And one, where White sacrifices his queen on three occasions with the sole purpose of positioning two h-pawns in a way that secures White the win in a knight endgame 10 moves later. In a third study of his, another queen is trying to sacrifice itself on three consecutive moves. This time simply because it is in the way.

Sounds paradoxical? Well it is, and in fact this may be one of the very definitions of endgame studies: To bring to light exceptions to the many rules, that chess players adhere to in in every day tournament life.

Besides showing his studies, Steffen will also tell about the creative process involved in in creating the studies. And about a whole new way of creating studies: Chaotic composing.

The lecture wil be in English. Free entry!