Saturday 27 July 20:00 in the commentary room

Improve your chess with mental training
-a presentation of the MindMaster app

For decades it has been common practice in sports to use mental training as a means to improve performance. In chess this way of training has now become possible by the MindMaster app.

The purpose of the app is to use mental training to provide you with strategies to feel more at ease and focused when you play chess, and thereby make it possible for you to improve your performance.
In the presentation we are going to tell about mental training I chess based on MindMaster app.

Most chess players will be able to recognize questions such as:

How to move on after a defeat? How to deal with nervousness? How to play your game when it is best? How to fall asleep after a game?
Join the presentation and get inspiration on how to realize your full potential with mental chess training!

The App costs 50 DKK