187IM Eylon Nakar2462
288Eli Wenningsted Finnsson1606
365Johan Pettersen1858


Brillancy prices from New In Chess
af Lars Bech Hansen     25/5-2018

 New in Chess    is sponsoring 2 prices for brillancy games in Xtracon Chess Open    each 1 years free subscription to the magazine "New In Chess"! The 2 prices go to the most brillant games played by respectively a player under 2000 (FIDE/ELO rating) and a player with rating 2000 or more.

NOTICE: Games, to be considered for the brillance prices, are to be handed in to the tournament office - the sooner the better.

Additionally, New In Chess will also give a book prize in each of the four age groups in Kids Cup.


Asian Nations Cup clashing with Xtracon Chess Open
af Jacob Carstensen     29/4-2018

We have just received the news, that GM Santosh Gujrathi Vidit has been asked to play in the Asian Nations Cup from 15th - 27th July. He will not be able to play Xtracon Chess Open this year. We hope to welcome him in 2019! We will search for a strong replacement for this years tournament.


Ivan Saric European Champion 2018
af Jacob Carstensen     4/4-2018

GM Ivan Šaric European Champion! At the European Championships recently settled in Batumi, Georgia, Šaric won ahead of 301 players. After a great start, he suffered a loss against one of the favourites, GM Wojtaszek. An excellent finish with 3 wins a row secured him the title, with the total of 8½ points in 11 rounds

Šaric is former U-18 European Champion in 2007, and in 2008 he even became U-18 World Champion. Worldwide he is best known for his win against Magnus Carlsen at... the 2014 Tromsø Olympiad. He has some other great tournament wins. Last year he made a nice and solid performance with a 7th place in Xtracon Chess Open.

The European Championship must be considered his career's greatest triumph! Even though the European Championships is missing the very best players, it is still one of the strongest Opens in the World. Ivan will be exciting to follow in the 2019 World Cup. We are looking forward to see him play in Elsinore this summer. He is now considered as one of the huge favourites.


Now you can book your room.
af Lars Bech Hansen     17/1-2018

Single room:
Incl. breakfast: 700 DKK
Incl. full board: 1015 DKK

Double room:
Incl. breakfast: 925 DKK
Incl. full board: 1563 DKK

Online booking:


IM Nihal Sarin Joins Xtracon Chess Open
af Lars Bech Hansen     25/12-2017

  One of the most talentet young players in the world 13 years old IM Nihal Sarin from India has joined the tournament. read more about him on his one homepage  here. You could allso read about him on Wikipedea.

The picture is used with permission from


Xtracon Chess Open 2018
af Lars Bech Hansen     30/10-2017

You can now register for Xtracon Chess Open 2018 which will be played from Saturday 21, July to Sunday 29, July, 2018 at Konventum in Elsinore. You can find the invitation, the registration page, and the payment links through the menus of this page.

In the beginning of 2018, there will be offers for accomodation and booking of rooms at Konventum. And we will, also later, inform about top players participating, and side events etc.

We hope, also in 2018, to have a succesfull tournament with many participants from all over the world, and we are looking forward to welcome all of you to Xtracon Chess Open in July, 2018. The tournament is organised by the Copenhagen Chess Federation.


Konventum Helsingør
Gl. Hellebækvej 70
3000 Helsingør

More information here

Single room:
Incl. breakfast: 700 DKK
Incl. full board: 1015 DKK

Double room:
Incl. breakfast: 925 DKK
Incl. full board: 1563 DKK

Online booking:


Online Payment
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